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Made in China, we integrate the resources of Chinese drones, RC cars and RC boats, here you will get very good products at very low prices AAADrone is looking forward to working with you.

AAADrone is located in Shantou, China, founded in 2009, we serve 233 countries worldwide, basically you can see our products in all major supermarkets, toy shops and e-commerce platforms around the world, AAADrone main products: drones, remote control cars, remote control boats and other toy products.

Resource integration

What can we offer you?

AAADrone has integrated the resources of the very best toy manufacturers in China, all you need to do is log on to AAADrone and you can get the latest product information as well as quotations without leaving your home and get the products at very low prices, wholesale and mixed lots are supported, if you are just a small toy shop you can start ordering with us and not worry too much, we can wholesale 1 unit. Of course, if you are a large volume customer, you can get very low pick-up prices.

Don’t worry about our wholesale policy affecting your customers.

Our first rule is that we will never accept other clients under the wholesaler’s umbrella. If you are already working with AAADrone and find that your client approaches us to work with them, then we will terminate your client (you will need to provide us with a record of your orders with your client that predate AAADrone), rest assured that your interests will always come first.

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